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Mysore Yoga 

The primary series breath by breath with personal guidance

A traditional Ashtanga yoga 'class' where you learn to practice the series independently,  within a group setting. You flow on your own breath, while I am there to give physical and verbal adjustments where necessary. Everyone is welcome, from absolute beginners to experienced Ashtangi who have been practicing Ashtanga Mysore style .

There is only one condition when embarking on your Ashtanga journey; you commit yourself to practice at least every other day, whether at home or in my studio. This way you'll safely build the series into a dynamic 6-day a week practice. Are you ready for this transformational process?

Flexible starting times

At Mysore YOGA  you can start flexibly, provided you finish your practice before the end of the class time. As a beginner, your practice takes up to half an hour. Gradually  this will increase  to a 90 minutes full primary practice and beyond.

MYSORE | traditional early morning practice 

Open practice to learn or further build on the Ashtanga series. Walk in between 6 and 7 am. If you don't know the series yet, no problem Tara will guide you individually on Mondays and Wednesdays.

MON 06:00 - 8:00 AM Self-Practice doors open at 5 AM

MON 04:30 - 6:30 PM MYSORE with Tara

TUE 06:00 - 8:00 AM MYSORE with Tara

WED 06:00 - 8:00 AM Self-Practice doors open at 5 AM

WED 06:00 - 8:00 AM MYSORE with Tara

THU 06:00 - 8:00 AM MYSORE with Tara

ASHTANGA LED | verbally led group class

Class starts on time and we all start simultaneously. The teacher verbally instructs. You practice up to where you are in the sequence or up to where the teacher will ask you to stop (for your own safety). The verbally led class is part of the Mysore method and will help you learn to move on the correct breath count. 

FRI 06:00 - 7:30 AM Half Primary with Tara

SAT 08:00-9:30 AM Ashtanga Full Primary Led


MOON DAYS | traditional rest days​

There is no class on Moondays (full moon and new moon).

Tara is currently travelling until end of February 2024, Studying with her teachers Petri Raisanen, Laruga Glaser and at the source of Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore India with Sharath ji.

She will return to teaching in March 2024


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